Wisconsin's Favorite Drinking Band Reminds You
To Binge Responsibly!
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HSC Videos

Check out Wild Wilson's polka podcasts.
Here is a great You Tube video of
Rev. Norb interviewing da Combo, circa 1991.
Van's Liquor, Manitowoc
The Polka Band that puts the "Fun" in Dysfunctional!

HSC is nominated for 2015 WAMI Award!

We are recording a CD featuring our new
hit song, "Make Your Liver Giver!"

SS Badger Shoreline Cruise
Turn up the volume and
listen to last year's radio commercial.

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Da Bears Still Suck!
Toilet Bowl
His True Calling
Jimmy, da early days
Jimmy, da early days
Antigo Oktoberfest in da Livestock Pavillion. Photo by Scott